Sweetwater, TN

We recently made a trip to visit our nephew who has graduated college and started teaching and coaching at a high school in the area. It was a trip we won’t soon forget.

We had an uneventful trip up on Saturday. We went to downtown Sweetwater and saw where the Inn was and then we did a little antique shopping, stopped in the General Store, where we bought the most delicious buckeye, and just meandered around the area. Then he calls and is ready for lunch. So we picked them up and went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant not far from where he lives. After lunch we went back to Sweetwater to check in. Our room wasn’t ready so we went back to the antique store with our nephew and his girlfriend to waste time until it was ready. We did not have a chance to visit the Sweetwater Creamery. Guess we’ll stop there next time we are in the area.

We searched for a place to stay that was close to where he now lives and didn’t come up with anything super close. All of the major hotels are a 20-30 minute drive. So after Jeff did the research he found a cute place called Remedies Inn in downtown Sweetwater, TN. This is an Inn that is still in process of renovations. . They are renovating this building with 5 suites. Check them on on social media or check out there website https://sweet-stay.net/remedies-inn

We chose to stay in the Tin W. Suite. It was named for a printing and hardware business that was in the building in 1880. It is decorated with typewriters on the wall, printing blocks displayed and exposed brick.

After we checked in we watched some TV and then started making plans for the evening. We decided to go see a movie at the Foothills theater so we grabbed some Italian and headed to Maryville/Alcoa. We were able to catch one on the big screen. They have one of the largest movie theaters we have ever been to. It has stadium seating and a huge screen. After the movie we dropped them off and headed back to Sweetwater.

Sunday morning ended up being kind of eventful. We get ready to go grab breakfast and we decided on The Dinner Bell. We leave our room and as we start down the hallway a dog starts barking from one of the rooms and we we both jump!! We get downstairs and the outside door handle is lying on the mat. Someone had apparently pulled it off overnight. I stepped out to be sure that door would still open and close so that we knew we’d be able to get in when we got back. All appears to be good so we get in the car and guess what our check engine light is on and we are 3 1/2 hours from home. We did a quick google search that just said take it to be serviced as soon as you can. So we drove on to breakfast. The restaurant appeared to be an old Cracker Barrel. They had an all you can eat breakfast buffet and a general store. The food was ok, nothing special, not sure we’d eat there next time. We head back to our room and get ready for church. We head towards his apartment and we witness what looks like road rage between 2 vehicles in front of us. This goes on for miles, until they pull off the side of the road. We took that opportunity to fly by them before they got out of their cars. We stop by his apartment and follow them to church. After church we went to a Japanese restaurant and then we stop by O’Reilly Auto Parts store to have the car checked out. He tells us that we need a new gas cap. So we purchase one, change it out and head towards Chattanooga. You know I have to stop in at Clumpie’s if I am in the area. We got a little ice cream, check traffic and see that as usual it is backed up so off to Highway 11 thru Trenton, GA we go. Then get on Interstate 59 and head home.

It ended up being an eventful morning, but a very uneventful drive home.

Until next time Tennessee!!

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