Pinchgut Pies

Trussville, Alabama is trying to revitalize and make their downtown area an entertainment district. They have a stage for concerts and events surrounded by several restaurants. They are trying to make the area a little more upscale, pedestrian friendly and a place where everyone wants to be. We’ve been to a restaurant and ice cream shop right on Highway 11 and across the highway from the heart of the area. So one Sunday afternoon we decided it was time to start visiting the new restaurants in the heart of the entertainment district.

So we started with Pinchgut Pies. It is a pizza restaurant. We went in and found that you order at the end of the bar. I did not get a picture of the menu as I normally do. They give you a table number and you sit wherever you like. It was not at all crowded for a Sunday afternoon, which maybe should have been the first sign that this was an average restaurant. We placed our order, sat near the window so that we could people watch.

We started with the meatball appetizer. It is 4 meatballs in your choice of sauce. We chose marinara, I mean we were at a pizza place afterall. The other options were golden barbeque sauce, alfredo sauce, basil pesto sauce or teriyaki. I think of those options we made a pretty solid choice. The meatballs were very good.

For our pizza option we went with one of their signature pizzas the Great White, which was garlic parmesan alfredo sauce, chicken, roasted garlic, goat cheese and the ingredient that we both overlooked, onions. Had I realized they were listed, I would have had them to leave them off, but I missed it, so there were onions on our pizza!! I personally don’t have an issue with onions, but the Mr. on the other hand does. He did his best to remove or eat around them. The sauce while it sounds tasty was rather plain, there was not much flavor at all. We also weren’t told about the size of the pizza when we ordered and when it came out it was a small pizza, not much larger than a personal pan pizza. We were fine with the size after we tasted it and found out how plain it was. We did finish the meatballs.

The pizza was just an average pizza. We do have a favorite pizza place and we do compare pizzas back to there for an overall rating. We will at some point give them another try, and go with something different on the menu to see if it changes our minds on our rating.

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