Do you have any traditions that you do without fail every year?? We have several, but one of them is an annual pre-season trip to Tuscaloosa. We usually go in August, before the football season starts. Sometimes we go a weekend or two before the students move back to campus, but this year we ended up there on move-in weekend. Not by choice, it just happened that way.

We started our trip with a stop at Junie B’s Antiques in McCalla. If you are in the area we suggest that you stop in for a visit. We always end up finding something that we “need” and this stop was no exception.

We ventured on to Tuscaloosa and our next stop was for lunch at Foosackly’s. If you know, you know.

We then head over to the campus and that is when we confirmed that we were there on move-in weekend. We just jumped in with everyone else and did what we came for and saw what we wanted to see. It just made driving around the campus a little harder with some of the streets blocked. We started with a trip to the SupeStore at the Ferguson Center.

We then went on down University Boulevard past campus into the next shopping/dining area. Here we were going to a couple of vintage stores that we had visited last year. We had a time trying to find parking. While we were riding around looking we found some things that we didn’t know were there, but we only visited one place. That one being the Mo’Bay Beignet Company. I’ve been following them on social media since they opened the first location in Mobile. They opened around the time that our son and daughter-in-law left the Mobile area. So we didn’t have a chance to visit the original location. I was super excited to find this location. We stopped in for some beignet’s. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. They were bland and the syrup that we got with them didn’t really help to add any flavor. Not sure if it was just the day we went, this location or if they are that way at other locations.

Covered in powdered sugar we ventured on to the two vintage stores. The first one is about 90% vintage Alabama goods. We didn’t find anything there. But at the second one across the street we did find a few things. As I was checking out, she told me that they would be putting out their Alabama related things in the next day or so. I should have asked to look thru it all while I was there. LOL!!

After this we had one more stop before leaving Tuscaloosa and that was to the Peterbrooke Chocolatier for all things CHOCOLATE!!! We did buy a few things and then we headed home tired and worn out from a day spent walking around Tuscaloosa.

Roll Tide!!

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