Cajun Steamer

Do you have a restaurant that you have been to numerous times and it is just a given that if you are close by then it will be a suggestion when deciding where to eat?? For us, one of those is the Cajun Steamer. There are 2 locations in the Birmingham area. One in Trussville and one in Hoover. My personal preference is the Trussville location. To me the shrimp and grits are just better there, but it’s probably just me. Jeff on the other hand doesn’t have a preference. He likes them both.

On this trip we started with an appetizer of the fried cajun boudin which is served with a spicy creole mustard.

This time I actually didn’t have my normal go to of shrimp and grits. I stepped out and had the Redfish Rockefeller, which is blackened redfish topped with jumbo shrimp in a creamy spinach and bacon salsa and is served with the cajun mashed potatoes.

Jeff went with his usual, which is the cajun trio and they let him substitute from what it printed in the menu. He always gets the red beans and rice, cheese grits and the cajun mashed potatoes.

This trip everything was a little more spicier than usual. I guess it depends on the chef whether they spice it up or tone it down. We enjoyed even if our mouths were on fire. We like a little spice, but not overly spicy food.

Do you have a go to restaurant that we might need to check out?? Let us know.

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