My Last Birthday present!

You remember that a few months ago I had a milestone birthday. One of my gifts from Jeff was tickets to go see We The Kingdom and Corey Asbury at the beautiful Alabama Theater on Friday, November 4, 2022. Well it finally got here!! We had the best seats, like 3rd row from the stage!! We were so close, that a couple of times the singers made eye contact with me. LOL! I joked that any closer and we’d have been on the stage with them.

We had early access tickets for a Q&A session with the artists. They said if you ask a question you had to give your name, where you were from and if you had a food truck what would be the name of it and what would you serve. There were several questions asked. They then took another group and went to a different area of the theater for a family style sing-a-long. We didn’t purchase those tickets. So we hung around, grabbed a drink and snack because our access time was so early we didn’t have time to grab dinner since we had to work that day.

You might recognize some of their songs from the radio or maybe from worship at your church.

Some of my favorite Corey Asbury songs are Reckless Love, Come What May, Sparrows and The Father’s House.

There are several family members in We The Kingdom, well actually they are all family except the one that plays keys. They are a father, son, daughter and brother group and then they have adopted in the guy that plays the keys. Some of my favorite songs are Child of God, Holy Water and God So Loved among others.

At the end of the show they went up in the balcony for one of the songs.

I will say that they gave more of a rock concert with the strobing lights and the fact that Scott and Franni both played guitar with their tongues at various times during the show.

I enjoyed the night of worship! If you get a chance to see them, I highly recommend. This was our second time to see We The Kingdom in concert but the first time to see Corey Asbury. The first time we saw them was at a Chris Tomlin Christmas concert which was also at the Alabama Theater, but that time we had seats at the top of the theater. So it was kind of nice to see them up close and personal.

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