Golden Rule Bar-B-Q

Golden Rule in the Irondale area of Birmingham is one of those places that if you’ve been there then you know it’s good. When we worked in the area this was one of our go to lunch spots. It wasn’t often that we’d eat there and not get a slice of chocolate pie.

This visit was no different. I was off on a Friday and in the area and of course I’m going to choose to eat here over the chain restaurants in the area.

I went with my usual, the barbecue chicken sandwich with those yummy hand cut french fries. I ended my meal with a slice of chocolate pie.

I’ve heard that their other pies are delicious too, but my favorite is the chocolate so it is my go to.

They have recently given the place new paint on the outside and a little touch up on the inside, but it still has the same tables, chairs and booths. It’s been 12+ years since we worked in the area and the waitress I had worked there for several years at that time, so she has been there for quite some time and was still serving in the same section as she did back then. Not much has changed!!

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