Pete’s in Orange Beach

We recently spent a few days in Orange Beach, Alabama. This is a place we visit often so we are always looking for new spots that may have opened up since the last visit. On this trip we were staying across the street from this building that was not there on our last visit.

We first saw this building across the street as we were arriving at our condo and we were on the 6th floor and happened to see it out the window of the common area. We could read “Pete’s” so what was this place?? We turned to google, yelp and Facebook and we found that it is Pete’s Ice Cream and Donuts and that they make small batch homemade ice cream. You know from past posts that I’m all about some homemade ice cream. So we made plans to check it out the next day.

The ice cream was delicious and the store was very appealing. They have the cutest ice cream display. You don’t have to stand in line and wonder what the ice cream looks like inside the buckets that are inside the coolers. It is on spinning display right there for you to see! They do small batches of ice cream right there at the front of the store in the window for all to see. Our second trip there she was making some ice cream.

Is this not the neatest display?? They use fresh cream and as you can see they don’t skimp on the ingredients. They are large enough for you to see what is in there.

Our first trip there I had key lime pie and you can see the graham crackers in the picture below. Jeff had Andes Mint which contained chunks of the mints. Our second trip we had cookies and cream and chocolate brownie brittle. They were all delicious!!

I was so excited that I told a couple of friends and family that were going to be there a couple days after us and when they stopped in they were out of ice cream and it would be Monday before they’d have fresh cream. So they don’t just run down the street to Walmart when supplies are low, they wait on the real stuff to be delivered.

Oh yeah they do have donuts too. I can’t attest for the donuts as we only had ice cream. But they do make and sell donuts.

For those of you reading this blog and planning to run to the coast you will have to wait a little bit as unfortunately they are closed for the season. Keep a check on there Facebook page as it says they will reopen February 2023 and when you see that they are open, RUN for the coast and get your toes in the sand and some ice cream in your hand!!

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