Sunset in Orange Beach

I love to watch a pretty sunset. If you have vacationed in Orange Beach, then you know that during the summertime the sun does not set over the water. It sets over land, and with all the high rise condos you can’t really watch it or get pictures of it. So when we vacation there in the summertime I just know that I won’t see a pretty water sunset. Well, before we went in October I had seen some Facebook posts that during the time we were going to be there that the sun would actually be setting over the water. It has to do with the time of year and all that kind of science-y stuff. Anyway, I was excited. There is just something magical about seeing the sun set over open water that I just love.

We arrived late in the afternoon and was going to grab some dinner so the first night I watched from the balcony. The next two nights that we were there we went down to the beach and I was able to get some really good pictures of the progression of the sun set. The second night there was a cloud that the sun slipped behind before it set. Which was a beautiful view. I’m just glad that all 3 nights we were there the sky was clear and we had gorgeous sunsets.

I will share some of the pictures here for those of you that enjoy a beautiful sunset over the open water.

So until my next beach trip with gorgeous sunsets I will enjoy looking at these memories.

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