Green Top Bar-B-Q

Have you ever heard of the Famous Leo and Susie’s Green Top Bar-B-Q? If not, it is located in Dora, Alabama. It normally sits in a cinder block building right on the side of Highway 78 as you are approaching the Walker county line. But an appliance caught on fire a few months back and now they are having to remodel the original location. So they are now in the Dora Shopping center behind Jack’s. Still cranking out the same delicious bar-b-q that the original owner’s did for years.

As I was growing up in the area, it was a bar and of course as a child we weren’t allowed to go in the front doors of the place. So we would place our order and pick up from the back door. I remember as a child going there many times and picking up our order from the back. Sometimes we’d call ahead and other times we’d just drop in and wait on our order.

The restaurant is now ran by, I think, a third generation of the original owners and it is now more family friendly. I still remember the first time I went in the front doors and I felt like I wasn’t supposed to be in there.

The temporary location of the restaurant has all tables and booths in the front of the restaurant and a small bar located at the back.

They have some of the BEST homemade ranch dressing. These photos were taken on my last visit there by myself. I sent them to Jeff to make him jealous. LOL!! I just had my normal go to at any bar-b-q restaurant and that was the smoked chicken sandwich with the homemade french fries and a side of that delicious ranch for dipping. I enjoyed my lunch and did not get a picture of my actual food.

They also have really good burgers, onion rings, baked potatoes and salads as well as bar-b-q plates. Really you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. I’ve not had anything there that I have not enjoyed.

I’ll end this post with a baked potato story. One of my nieces had her tonsils removed. I was going out to visit and asked if I could bring her anything, thinking she’d say yea a milkshake or something, but no she was like I want a plain baked potato from Green Top. So that is what she got. I can’t remember if I took anyone else food that day or not. I’m sure I probably did, but I just remember getting that potato.

So if you are in the area and looking for a place to eat you can’t go wrong with Green Top. Check them out!!

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