Valentine’s Day


We don’t normally go out to eat on Valentine’s day, but this year we decided to stop and grab a bite to eat on the way home. We ended up going to a new restaurant in the former Olive Garden building in Irondale. It is now Baja California Cantina. Keep in mind as you read that they had only been open a few days when we went, so we made sure to give them grace for the few mishaps during our meal.

The inside of the restaurant has remodeled a bit, but it still reminded us of Olive Garden. Afterall, we have visited that restaurant many, MANY times. OG has always been one of our favorite places to eat.

We were there for several minutes before our waiter came to our table. This gave us time to study the menu and make our decisions.

I decided since we were there for a special occasion that I was going to be an expensive date and I got the Baja Steak. It was a rib-eye with shrimp, steamed vegetables and came with rice, beans and tortillas. I actually did not touch the tortillas and just ate it as a steak dinner.

So here is how our night went. We started out with cheese dip, we had to make sure it was good. LOL! So our food comes and they put our food in front of us. Mind you, I assume that all is correct since he put it in front of me, so I start eating and I tell Jeff this is REALLY spicy. So I had a few bites and my mouth is on FIRE. I was thinking there is no way that I am going to be able to finish this meal. Well about that time our waiter comes back and tells me that he gave me the wrong plate of food and then asks if I’ve eaten any of it. Well yea, you put it in front of me and I assumed it was what I ordered. I told Jeff to watch and make sure he didn’t put it down in front of someone else, that would have been bad.

So the meal he gives me then was what I should have gotten and thank goodness it was not spicy at all. I sure was glad when my mouth stopped burning. The steak was cooked really well, the beans that they gave me were mostly juice, I had to fish out the beans. They were good though, but I didn’t think it would be acceptable in public if I picked up the bowl and proceeded to drink it.

Jeff had a combination dinner of a beef enchilada and chicken quesadilla. This was also not quite what he ordered, it was supposed to be a cheese quesadilla.

One of his trips by to check on us Jeff asked him what the first meal was and he said that it was Chile Colorado. Noted to stay away from it on our next visit.

Chile Colorado – Not what I ordered!!

Overall our food was good and when we go back I’ll be sure that they bring me the correct food before I start eating.

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