Biscuit Love

A new restaurant called Biscuit Love recently opened in Cahaba Heights. We decided one Saturday to visit for brunch/lunch. We weren’t sure exactly where it was located as we had not seen it on our recent visits to the area, so we put it in the map app and head towards Cahaba Heights. We found it no problem. It is not in the heart of Cahaba Heights with all the other restaurants, but is just up the street towards 280 in a new building.

We get there and you order at the counter and then they seat you. We ended up sitting at the bar right outside of the area where they wash dishes. Not sure how recently that is where we ended up being seated at a new restaurant. Maybe I need to start looking and tell them we want away from the kitchen area.

I did not get a picture of the menu board. I went with the Hungry Hash bowl. It was fried potatoes topped with sausage gravy, bacon, two over easy eggs and garnished with green onions. Jeff had the S.E.C. which was a biscuit topped with sausage, a scrambled egg and cheddar cheese. He thought it was supposed to have gravy, but we looked and saw that he had to add gravy. I did let him try my gravy, but I didn’t share.

I saw on the menu that they had brown sugar lemonade, so I had to try it. It was kind of tart and not really sweet. I couldn’t tell much difference in the kind of sugar that was used, other than it was darker in color. I think I expected it to be totally different than regular lemonade, but it wasn’t.

Looking at their social media I found that they are a family-owned business with 4 locations in Tennessee and the 1 in Alabama. They started in Tennessee, which would explain the shirts for sale with the Tennessee flag on them. They will put that flag on anything, just ask our nephew that lives there. The restaurant was cute with with floral wallpaper in the entry and in the restroom. They even had the wallpaper on the ceiling in the restroom.

We’ll have to go back and try something else on the menu. I’ll be sure that Jeff reads the fine print and adds gravy if that is what he wants next time.

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