Trussville Social

We went to Trussville Social for the second time a couple of weeks ago. Our first trip was opening week in 2022. We sat at the bar both times, as that was the quickest available seats. At our first visit we met the owner’s Mom that was helping out with the kids and the restaurant as they got things open. Both visits we have sat in the last 2 seats at the bar on either side. This visit Jeff got approached by a drunk man, first he tried to take Jeff’s seat while he had gone to the restroom. When he came back the man apologized and then sat down at a table behind us. Then he came back and asked Jeff for the address of the restaurant, which he googled for him, and then he tried to buy our dinner which we kindly declined. He said that he was waiting for his ride to pick him up. Just glad that he was smart enough to call someone and not to drive. I just can’t believe the they served him enough for him to get that drunk.

It is really loud there with all the talking and the live performer. This visit they had the door raised to the outside hangout area and there were people out there playing cornhole. It came a quick rainstorm while we were there; after it passed people went back out.

Neither of us can remember what we had to eat the first visit. We think that one, if not both, of us may have had one of the baked potato options. This time we started with the street corn dip, which I think we may have also had on our first visit. It is good. I had the Redneck Reuben which was smoked brisket topped with gouda cheese, onion straws and drizzled with white barbecue sauce on Texas toast with shoestring fries and Jeff had a burger with the sidewinder fries.

One of their claims is that their women’s restroom makes for the best selfies. They had some pictures on the wall that have been made there. According to Jeff, the same is not true for the men’s room.

If we go back we will wait for a table and maybe we’ll have a better experience.

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