Baha Burger

Many moons ago I worked at an office in the Colonnade area off Highway 280. Across the street, within walking distance was a shopping area with several restaurants. I ended up with 2 go-to restaurants there and one of them was Baha Burger. It was a small hole in the wall that was eventually closed and the restaurant next door expanded into the space.

I loved the turkey burger with sweet potato fries and a side of the tomato chutney aioli to dip the fries in. I was sad to see them go. There was another location on Highway 31 in Hoover past the Galleria. We’ve visited it a few times over the years. They have recently opened one back up in the area near the Colonnade in a new shopping center. One Sunday we went to the movies and needed a late lunch and I decided that we’d visit the new location.

They have changed the menu a bit over the years. They have several signature burgers and they still have my go-to turkey burger on the menu. It has blue cheese and peach chutney. They also have a build your own burger menu, which is what Jeff normally does.

With the sweet potato fries you get a side of their delicious tomato chutney aioli. It is a sweet sauce and oh so yummy. You can also get half and half fries which is half regular french fries and half sweet potato fries, which is what Jeff went with. . They used to toss in a couple pieces of fried okra, but unfortunately they don’t do that any more. It was like getting an extra surprise in your fries.

If you are looking for a good burger we recommend that you give them a try!

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