Davinci’s Italian

We’ve driven by this small Italian restaurant in Homewood to many times to count and have said that we needed to check it out, afterall Italian is one of our favorite meals. There has been alot of changes around it in recent years as there have been a hotel and a few restaurants built on either side of this long standing restaurant. Well we’d not think about it when we’d start looking for somewhere to eat. But that all changed a few weeks ago when we were deciding on somewhere to go and decided to stay in the Homewood area near my work.

There was not a wait for seating. We started with the baked feta appetizer. This is one of those menu items that if it is on the menu we are going to try it. We have our favorites. The menu says it is served with homemade garlic bread for dipping. The word “dipping” should have been a clue. So when it is delivered to the table it looks like soup, but that’s what were here for. So we dive in. It was definitely different than any other place that we’ve tried “bake feta” at. It was really good!

I had the spaghetti and meatballs and Jeff went with one of his go-to meals gnocchi. The first restaurant he had it has been his all-time favorite. He said that this one was heavy. It is italian-style potato dumplings and he went with the brown butter sauce.

We’ll have to make a trip back soon to try something else on the menu.

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