Colossal Milkshake or Colossal Mistake??

Julie – On Saturday while we were out we decided to go for ice cream. I had seen friends posting pictures of these amazing looking shakes from K & J’s Elegant Pastries in Alabaster. So we decided to give it a try. So we drove from downtown to Alabaster to try this shake. Well we should have taken note when we walked into the store and had to go thru the front of the store and down the hall to find the end of the line. The ordering process went rather quickly, BUT the wait for the shake was at least 45 minutes. They should give you a warning of the wait time before you order. Now keep in mind that this store only has maybe 10 tables available and a very, very small back patio. There was standing room only. There were people getting there shakes and had to try to enjoy them while standing. We were very close to just leaving due to the shear number of people. While we were waiting the came a downpour that sent the people that were outside scrambling back into the store trying to find a place to stand.

There was a young girl maybe 10 years old bringing out some of the shakes. She was moving as fast as she possibly could. If she took a shake to someone and they didn’t have a table she’d tell them that she’d try to find them one. They’d tell her it was fine because there was standing room only and not an available table in site.

There seemed to be almost a 5 minute lapse between shakes coming out of the kitchen.

Right before the shake came out this man finished his and got up and gave me his seat. So I was sharing a 2 person table with his daughter, it was a little bit before the daughter poured what was left of her shake into a to go cup and they left that Jeff was able to join me.

The colossal cookies and cream shake just did not live up to the hype for us. Maybe it was the wait plus the crowd, we just didn’t enjoy and left unsatisfied. I don’t think we would make a special trip back to give it another try.

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