Happy Birthday Mrs. Jones

Jeff – Monday, July 10th is my wonderful wife’s birthday.  She doesn’t mind me sharing her age, and she will be 45 years of age.  She’s catching up to me!  Julie means the world to me.  She is my everything.  She’s a sexy, strong, tough woman, and I couldn’t imaging living my life without her.  I’m thankful that she is always happy, and in a good mood, no matter the circumstances at work or home.  She keeps my attitude adjusted properly, as it’s so easy to let life get you down.   I’m so proud of what a fantastic mother she is to our son, Tyler.  I’m thankful we’ve been blessed with so many exciting years of marriage together, and the opportunity to share so many of her birthdays.  I’m glad to call Julie my wife, and the love of my life.  Happy Birthday!

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