My 45th Birthday is in the books!

Julie – My 45th birthday celebrations started on Saturday. Saturday we started the day by going to the farmer’s market at Lee Branch shopping center. The only thing we bought was a Bham shirt for Tyler. He had seen a shirt with the B and a picture of a ham and said he wanted one. There was a tent there with the shirts so we picked him up one. Then we went in Hobby Lobby and to Highland Shoe Company. I had been seeing their posts on Facebook or Instagram for awhile and we decided to check it out since we were in the area. I didn’t buy anything there. I love shoes, but their prices were beyond what I like to spend. Then for lunch we met our friends Adam, Lisa, Joey and Margie at Bellini’s. This was their first trip there. I had the chicken and bowtie pasta. It was chicken, bowtie pasta, sundried tomatoes and artichokes in a cream sauce. Jeff had the gnocchi which is his favorite there. Of course Jeff and I got dessert, white chocolate bread pudding. It is SO YUMMY and so worth the calories!!!! The other didn’t know what they were missing.  After lunch we went and saw the new Spiderman movie. Then headed to Jasper to celebrate Khalie-Ann’s 2nd birthday.

Sunday we went to church at Church 29:11 in Gardendale. My cousins Raymond, Brenda and Alyssah met us at church and we went to 5 Guys for lunch. After lunch we went home and Jeff went to finish his birthday shopping and I took a nap. Sunday naps are the best. For my birthday Jeff made one of my favorite desserts, no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. I’ve been rationing them this week and I’ve only had one a day, most days.

Monday was my birthday. Tyler got up early to see me open my gift but we were running late and didn’t have time to do my birthday gift. So we decided we’d do it Monday night and get dinner. But Monday night on the way home Jeff started having some pain in his side and we ended up spending the night in the ER. After all sorts of tests, the diagnosis was skeletal or muscle pain. We got home about 1:30 Tuesday morning. I slept, well napped, and when I got up Tuesday morning I finally got to open my gift. They got me an Alabama purse and a camera bag for my new camera that we bought a couple weeks ago, for Father’s day and my birthday. I went on to work Tuesday morning after less than 4 hours of sleep.  We decided to try a new to us restaurant. We went to Fancy’s on Fifth. We had an appetizer of hushpuppies with pimento cheese and bacon jam. They were a little spicy and the hushpuppies had bits of yellow, red and green bell peppers. Even I picked some of them out. The pimento cheese was good as was the bacon jam, they just didn’t give you alot, it was like a tablespoon of pimento cheese and maybe a teaspoon of bacon jam that they put on top of the pimento cheese. For our meals, I had one of the daily features which was Steak Frites. It was a flat iron steak on a bed of french fries served with a side of homemade Worcestershire sauce and a pat of flavored butter. Jeff had a burger and mexican street corn. My steak was good but would have been better if it had been hot when it got to the table instead of lukewarm.

Today is our “datingversary”. 31 years ago I said yes to my soul mate! Tonight we went to Saw’s Soul Kitchen for dinner. This has became one of our go to spots. It’s on the way home from work and the food is really good. Tonight I had my usual, bbq chicken sandwich and fried okra and Jeff had the Saw Burger and street corn. It was yummy as usual.

So my birthday week has came to an end.


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