Is it just me?


My sister has talked about me before for buying things that have multiple purposes, like the high chair that turned into a table and chair, the baby bed that converted to a toddler bed and a full size bed, I’m sure there’s been other things.

Does anyone else take the spout out of the laundry detergent bottle to use every last drop? If not, you should! A few years ago I realized that there was still laundry detergent left in the bottle when I was getting ready to toss it. So I figured out that I could remove the spout and use what remained. So I usually stash a couple bottles that are really low and then remove the spout and pour the detergent into another bottle to use later. I have found on the brand that we use that some of the spouts have sharp points on the bottom side, but I have successfully although sometimes painfully removed the spout. There is sometimes quite a bit of detergent left in the bottle.

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