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One of our favorite places to shop has became Lovelady Thrift Store, and no the founder Brenda Lovelady is not related to my family lol! The proceeds from items sold at the stores benefit the women and children at The Lovelady Center. If you’d like to read more on The Lovelady Center here is a link to the website

They have two locations one in the Eastwood/Irondale area and one in the Clay/Trussville area. The Eastwood location is in the former Circuit City building and the one in Clay is in a former Winn Dixie building. Both are fairly large stores. They are open Monday thru Saturday 9am to 9pm. So the hours are good for those of us that work and like to stop by after work. Another bonus is that they don’t charge sales tax, so you can get another item or two. There are always two tag colors on sale. One will be 30% off and one 50% off. I also like that it doesn’t smell like some of the other thrift stores we have visited.

You can get name brand items at amazing prices. Some of the brands that I saw in there last night, Lucky Brand jeans, The Pants Store, Banana Republic, Mossimo, and others. Last night I saw some really cute things that I liked how they were made but some of the colors I was like what made someone buy this, did they wear it after they bought it. Some things just make you go hmmmm. There were some dresses on the rack straight out of the 80’s, but then I found some cute current day styles, same with some of the other clothes that I looked at. Jeff seems to find more at the Clay location than the Eastwood.

I now have a difficult time paying retail for clothes, I’m like I could get 4 or 5 things or more at Lovelady. I often talk myself out of things at stores because I know I can go here and get cute things instead.

If you are in the Birmingham, AL area we highly recommend that you check them out.




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