Demetri’s BBQ

Jeff – Our latest visit to a eatery was to Demetri’s BBQ in Homewood.  Full disclosure, Julie had eaten there last summer with Tyler when he was working with her.  I had never ate there.  We may go there more, now that Julie’s new building is probably only 3 minutes from it!  The first time we ate there recently, we went for lunch.  It was crowded for the lunch hour, but we only had to wait a minute while a table came open.  Julie had the open face pulled BBQ chicken plate, and I had to try the burger of course.  Julie got a side of the Mac N Cheese, which we shared.  It was creamy, and delicious.  I could have ate a bowl of it by itself.  I had a side of fries, and they were ok.  Standard side of fries.

One thing we found out while there, is that Demetri’s BBQ also serves breakfast, which we were very excited about.  They serve breakfast until 10:30 a.m.  Also a surprise, we found out that Demetri’s had made a list of the Best Breakfasts in the South, and they were number 1!  So we had to go back on a Saturday and see if it lived up to the hype.  It was again crowded on a Saturday morning, just as it was at lunch, which Julie and I always consider a good sign.  Again, though, we only had to wait a minute to get a table, so they do an excellent job of moving customers in and out.  I had a biscuit, sausage, eggs, and cheese grits.   To our surprise, the biscuit was homemade, which was a nice touch.  The eggs and sausage were also good, but the grits were a little runny.  I like them thick. Julie didn’t have cheese in her grits, so her’s weren’t as runny.

The most fun we had was to watch a little kid at another table eat 5 pieces of bacon.  He was probably two years old.  They’re raising him right.

We will definitely go back at some point.  I enjoyed the breakfast more than the lunch though.

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