Slice Pizza

Jeff – It’s my turn to write a new post.  I feel like Julie has done them all lately. However, I’m glad to tell everyone about our favorite pizza place.  It is Slice pizza in Lakeview. We’ve been going there for at least a couple of years now.  Anytime we want pizza that isn’t delivered to our house, we go to Slice.  You can check out their website at  Julie and I went there again last night.  We had the Make Your Own pizza.  We went with the usual Red sauce.  It’s good because they don’t put too much on your pizza like some places.  It’s just the right amount.  I usually prefer a white sauce or alfredo sauce, but I enjoy the red sauce there.  We also went with the the House Italian Sausage for the topping.  We have found that we like their sausage as it isn’t too spicy for us.  It has a great taste to it.

They also have many other types of pizza on their menu, so we’re sure there would be something for everyone.  If you go at lunch, you can also order pizza by the Slice, which we love.  You don’t have go get a whole pizza and end up taking some home with you.  We also like going at lunch to get a single slice, so we can get our favorite appetizer there.  It is the Baked Feta!  They serve it with bread for you to smear it on.  We never knew Baked Feta could be so good!  It comes out piping hot.  It’s highly recommended.

We have never had to wait on a seat or table when we’ve went there, which is another plus for us.  I imagine if you go during peak hours there at night on the weekend there could be, but they have plenty of seating, and an outdoor enclosed area that has heaters when it is cold.  They do have a parking lot dedicated to them at the restaurant, and it’s hit and miss whether or not a spot is available.  We’ve had to park on the street before, but they do have free valet parking if needed.

One other thing about their pizza, it is thin sliced pizza, which Julie and I love.  It may not be for everyone. We have tried Post Office Pies before, which is different than the pizza they serve here.  We prefer Slice.  Check out our favorite pizza place if you get hangry for some pizza!  We think you’ll like it!

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