Oak Hill Bar and Grill

Jeff – We’ve got another quick post about lunch this past Friday!  Julie and I don’t usually have lunch together, but we had an impromtu lunch date Friday.  Julie’s work is in a new place in Homewood since last September, and she’s now close to alot of restaurants in Homewood.  Some of her co-workers had gotten food from Oak Hill and brought it back to the office, so it had been on our list of places to try.

I was concerned about parking in Homewood during the lunch hour, and how crowded the restaurant might be.  We didn’t find any parking on the main street in Homewood, but Julie knew of a free parking lot behind the restaurant, so we found a spot.  As far as the restaurant, it’s not a huge dining area, but they had a couple of tables we could sit at, or at the bar.  It was not overly crowded for lunch.

Service was quick and friendly.  Different servers came by and quickly refilled our drinks when needed.  They have a full menu if interested, and they do serve dinner.  We knew we were going with their Lunch meat and three selections before we arrived.  Julie had the BBQ Chicken with white sauce, Mac and Cheese, and Fried Okra.  I went with the Hamburger steak with mushrooms and onions, Mac and Cheese, and Mashed potatoes with gravy.  Both meals also came with a small biscuit.  My hamburger steak was similar to any other meat and three location.  The Mac and Cheese was good, but standard.  Nothing special, but I’d eat it again.  Julie enjoyed her meal as well.

We’ll definitely go back at some point, or try dinner there!  Check out their website at oakhillbarandgrill.com.


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