The Boot at the Grove

Jeff – Julie and I were out and about last Sunday, and were perusing our list of new places to try.  I had been to The Boot at the Grove once, and enjoyed it, but Julie had not.  We discussed some other places, but many of them weren’t open on Sunday.  The Boot is open Sundays from 11 am until 2 pm, so we decided to visit.  There is also a location on 280.

There was a very good crowd there this Sunday.  No real line though.  Once you walk in, you order at the front of the restaurant.  Then sit down and they bring your food.  On this day, I had the Cheddar burger with Mac and Cheese as my side.  It also comes with a blend of Sweet Potato, Regular fries, and a couple pieces of fried okra.  Julie had the burger with a side of Pimento Cheese and pita chips.  My burger was very good.  The bun is similar to the buns at Mugshots.  The Mac and Cheese was again standard, and very much like other sides at other restaurants we’ve tried recently.  The fries were good.  They also provide you a small cup of ketchup, and another sauce which we don’t really know what it was!  It did have a small spicy flavor to it, so I didn’t eat much of it.  I tried Julie’s pimento cheese as well, and it was quiet good.

There is also a bar, at which you can order off the full menu.  There is a large fireplace separating two seating areas.  One area in the bar, and one not.  The bar area has a few tv’s so we were able to watch the NFL Playoffs while we were there.  The restaurant is fairly new, and in an old Bank building.  Therefore, they even have one table setup in the old vault, if you’d like to try that!

All in all, it’s very nice, and has a nice atmosphere.  The food is pretty good, and they have a variety of menu items.

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