Mom’s 70th Birthday!

Friday, February 2nd was not only Groundhog Day, but it was Mom’s 70th birthday!  Unfortunately, the Groundhog saw his shadow, but we celebrated Mom’s birthday anyway.  We had been planning the party for awhile.  For her 60th birthday, we had a birthday party at the Life Center at Moody First Baptist Church.  We asked Mom in advance if she wanted us to rent an event venue this time, or go to a restaurant, and she chose City Market in Pell City.  Her and Dad seem to go there quiet a bit, and they like it.  It’s comparable to Ryan’s buffet, if those are still open anywhere.  We originally got a reservation for 15-20 people.  Naturally, that number grew as we setup a Facebook event, and everyone got invited.  Mom would probably have liked everyone she knows to be there!  Thankfully, City Market was great to work with, and we were able to increase the reservation number to 30.  It ended up that we had a whole banquet room, and could have seated more if needed.  We think we counted 27 on hand at City Market for the party.

Mom also wanted to invite everyone back to her house after the restaurant, which we did.  Originally she just mentioned having a cookie cake, but that also turned into cookie cake, and ice cream sundaes.  We got the cookie cake from Publix, and it was very good.  It was thicker than a normal cookie cake.  We also got the good ice cream, which is Blue Bell .  We normally don’t buy the expensive stuff, but did for Mom! Michael and Chere brought the sundae toppings, chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped cream, etc. It was all good. Avery also wanted to Oreo’s to add to the sundaes, which worked out well.

Thanks to everyone that came to the get together at City Market, and to those that came to Mom’s house to continue the celebration.  I know we had a fun time, Mom did too, and hope everyone that came enjoyed the restaurant, desserts, and most importantly, the company and fellowship.  As Mom would say, we missed those that wanted to be there, but couldn’t be.  You were thought of.

Mom says her 80th birthday party will be at McDonald’s.  Hope to see you all there.

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