Julie and I recently ate at the new Shoney’s in Fultondale one evening after a recent Christmas church service in Gardendale.  This got us to talking about all of our previous Shoney’s memories growing up.

My earliest memories of Shoney’s I guess are of the wonderful breakfast bar at Shoney’s. If memory serves me right, I think we would often stop there for breakfast as we were headed to the beach.  Breakfast is sometimes my favorite meal since my pickiness doesn’t discriminate against most breakfast foods.  I think the Shoney’s breakfast bar even had Corned beef hash which I still like.  I think we stopped at the Shoney’s in Dothan on the way to Panama City Beach usually, or on the way home.  Part of the fond memories may be due to the family we always went to Shoney’s with as well.  Seems like we always went with Aunt and our cousins.

In later years, i would get the pleasure of taking Gran to her doctor’s visits.  Seemed like they were always on Fridays.  I think I got elected since I could drive and everyone else was working.  After every doctor’s visit though, Gran would have to eat, and I think we always ate at the Shoney’s in Forestdale.  Everytime I got the chicken fingers and rice.  I’m not sure I realized it at the time as I was probably anxious to get home and ready to go on a date with Julie, but looking back I enjoyed the time spent with Gran.

I also have vague memories of eating the famous dessert at Shoney’s, the Hot Fudge Cake!

Julie and I enjoyed our recent visit. I had baked spaghetti, and Julie had the Slim Jim.  She said she always used to get it when we went.

I still want to go and try their breakfast bar again, and I will soon.

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