The 2nd Buc-ee’s has opened in Alabama. This one is located in central Alabama right outside Birmingham in the city of Leeds. Have you visited yet?? We’ve seen a lot of posts on social media of visits that have been made.

The store is 53,250 square feet. There are 120 gas pumps. They have large and clean restrooms. We judge places by clean restrooms as we travel. We can tell you where all the clean ones are on I-65 South, as we made many trips that way when our son was was living in Mobile.

We’ve watched them build this one from the ground up, as we pass by it everyday on the way to and from work. We stopped in opening day which was January 25, 2021. We weren’t planning to go opening day as we expected it to be SUPER BUSY, but our son, who is not living in the area, asked if we were going. He wanted us to be there for the ribbon cutting, but of course it was a weekday and we had to work. We decided to see how busy it looked and maybe stop on the way home. So we expected traffic to be backed up on the interstate, but when we got to Leeds and it wasn’t we decided to stop and check it out. Now the parking lot was packed, as was the store. We just looked around and left.

They have just about anything you could want. They have gas, food, clothing, home decor and other home items, toys, hunting/fishing items, swimwear, and normal convenience store items. Just about anything you could want.

They have a large ICE-E wall, a large selection of coffee and just about anything you want to put in your coffee. They have a display case of fresh jerky, fudge made in store, and fresh brisket. We have not eaten any of the fresh food from there. Jeff went back a few days later and purchased some snacks. We have purchased mostly beaver nuggets, from this location and the one in the Foley/Loxley area on the way to Orange Beach.

So when are you coming to Leeds, Alabama??

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