Authentic Mexican

We recently visited a new restaurant in Leeds, AL that is an authentic Mexican restaurant. It is called Taqueria La Juanita. We had looked at the menu online beforehand, but really didn’t know what to expect.

Jeff had a quesadilla and I had tacos.

I was halfway thru my meal when I realized that the tacos didn’t have cheese on them. I apparently didn’t miss it since I hadn’t realized it wasn’t there.

We also noticed that there was no lettuce or tomato.

There wasn’t any extra ingredients in the rice.

They had this cart that had things like Pico de Gallo and other toppings and also the utensils. I got some of the pico and it was really good. They were out of the larger containers so I had to use the really small ones. So it took a few to get a good serving size.

I also picked up a couple containers that I had assumed was sour cream. It looked like and tasted like sour cream but was a little more runny than normal sour cream. I was recently watching a food show and they were talking about crema. I think maybe that is what it actually was.

The food was really good and we’ll definitely go back!!

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