Go Where the Road Takes You!

I had heard about a new consignment store opening in Oneonta, AL. Friends had been posting on Facebook about the shirts they have in their booth. So we went opening weekend to check it out. We went on Sunday afternoon and shopped at the store.

We found that most things in the small town are closed on Sunday. But I remembered seeing that they have an art area. So to the internet we went to find this area. It is in an alley between two buildings. You drive by it when coming into Oneonta on Highway 75 from Pinson, but if you don’t know to look for it you’ll miss it as we did. Thankfully an internet search told us where to go to find it.

When we got in the area we saw some people painting wings on the side of a building up the street. We saw murals on other buildings, and we finally got to the art walk. It’s not the best place for photographing the murals as it is between two buildings so you can’t get distance to get the entire wall in your shot. Overall, it did not disappoint.

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