Blue Ridge, GA

To celebrate 10,228 days of marriage (if you don’t want to do the math that is 28 years) we decided to take a long weekend trip to Blue Ridge, GA. We traveled on our actual anniversary. We of course took the scenic routes all weekend. We started our trip by heading towards Atlanta and heading north before we got all the way in to downtown on some 2 and 4 lane roads. How else do you see the country?

We arrived in Blue Ridge with a couple hours before check-in time. I’m not sure what we were really expecting, maybe something like downtown Gatlinburg. We found a parking spot and decided to head over to the downtown area. What we found was that the area is comprised of one street, maybe 10 blocks or so with everything jammed into the area. There were your classic souvenir shops, of course you have a fudge shop, there were boutiques, a bakery, a tea store, a comic book store and a few restaurants sprinkled in.

We started by visiting Huck’s General Store. Here we bought our magnet from the area and some cheese from one of our favorite places in Tennessee, Sweet Water Valley Farm. We walked in a couple other stores and then it was time for us to check in. So we decided that we’d unpack and then go back over and do some more looking. What we didn’t realize was that almost everything closed at 5:00 on Saturday and most were going to be closed on Sunday as our anniversary fell on Easter weekend.

We stayed in the Martini Mountain Downtown Loft. It was a really nice condo right in the heart of downtown. The condo was really well decorated, but then it had this mural on the living room wall. Very unexpected, but definitely a place we’d recommend anyone to stay at who is interested in a few nights in Blue Ridge. It is right beside the train and very convenient to everything downtown. They are also building a Hampton Inn right next door.

We got to see the train come back from its outing on Saturday. We also found out that most of the cars parked on the street were the people on the train. Once they all left it was pretty much a low key weekend as the train didn’t run on Easter.

We visited what was open and then grabbed dinner. We had done our research and thought we picked a somewhat nice casual restaurant. What we found was that it was more like fast food Italian. The food was good, just the atmosphere wasn’t what we were expecting. We ate at Masseria Kitchen and Bar. We had a short wait for a table as we wanted to dine inside since it was a little cool as the sun was going down.

After dinner we decided to change into something nicer and go downstairs and have dessert at the Mona Lisa Dessert House.

Saturday morning we started with brunch at Danielle’s Cafe in downtown. It was French and American cuisine made from scratch with fresh ingredients. We got to meet the owner of the restaurant, as she was there training a new employee. I had the Blue Ridge Crepe that the menu said came with a salad, but as you can see from my plate it wasn’t much of a “salad”. Jeff had the bacon quiche. The food didn’t have a lot of flavor, but you could tell it was freshly made.

We decided to go on a self-guided driving tour around the area that we had found online. We went a couple places that were on the tour instructions that were kind of off the path. There were a couple of times that we ended up on someone’s driveway. The tour directions didn’t tell you how far to go off on some of the side roads. I’m sure that they probably have people turning around quite often.

Here are some pictures from our tour of the area.

We stopped at the Toccoa River Rapids. There were several people sitting on the bank just enjoying the view. There was a lady and her kids down near the water. I couldn’t get over how clear the water was.

The bridge is called Shallowford Bridge.

We stopped at the Blue Ridge Lake & Dam.

Here are some pictures from the downtown area.

We may have had our best meal on Monday morning when we found a local dive outside of the downtown area. We decided that we had found where the locals eat. It was called Bumblebee’s Cafe.

On Monday we had a decision to make – do we go on to another small town that we wanted to visit in Georgia or do we take the route home that takes us thru Cleveland and Chattanooga, TN. Timewise they were about the same. So……….we took the route thru Chattanooga. It is not a difficult choice when my favorite ice cream shop is on the way.

The route took us along the Ocoee River. It was on our left pretty much most of the way to Cleveland. We did turn around and go back to a waterfall on the right that we passed. The rapids looked pretty fierce in some areas. We stopped a couple of times for some pictures.

At Clumpie’s I couldn’t decide between lavender & sweet orange and Nutella crunch, so I went with a scoop of each! What other option was there?!?! They were both really good. I think the Nutella was my favorite of the 2.

It was a great weekend spent together exploring a new place. We’d like to go back in the fall and ride the train when the leaves are changing colors.

Until next time Blue Ridge!

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