Son’s Donuts

Raise your hand if you like hot, fresh donuts!! Well if you hand is up then you need to run to Son’s Donuts in Mountain Brook Village near the Birmingham Zoo and the Botanical Gardens.

They cook the donuts as you order; you can’t get any more hot and fresh than that. They are mini donuts and you choose your flavors.

We had 8 mini donuts and we got the maple brown butter and cinnamon with vanilla creme in the store. We sat and ate ALL of them. I mean donuts just disappear when they are hot and fresh and so delicious.

Tyler, Amy and Judah were coming that afternoon so we got a dozen to go. We got the cinnamon and vanilla creme, maple brown butter, vanilla and Meyer lemon glaze. They were still good at home a few hours later, but you just can’t beat them hot and fresh in the store.

Run and get some, let me know which flavors you choose.

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